Taking the next step to building your family.

At Morse Law Group we help families bring children into their family through adoption. If you want to adopt a child that you have found through Child Protective Services, or any community organization we can help you follow the legal process for a successful adoption. We also help step-parents who want to adopt their step-son or step-daughter.

We also work with step-parents in cases where the stepchild has been abandoned or is exposed to a dangerous environment while in the care of a birth parent.

Adoption services backed by three decades of experience.

For uncontested adoptions, situations where the parents of a child are willing to terminate their parental rights, the adoption process can be fairly manageable. Our office can help you work as swiftly as possible to secure your family’s future so you can start building a home with your new son or daughter.

But, sometimes it is necessary to aggressively pursue custody and adoption when a parent is not fit, not present or is a danger. For some people this may be a temporary solution such as a guardianship or a petition for non-parental custody, but for other families adoption may also be an option.

There are situations where the court will terminate the parental rights of a parent and allow a more stable family to pursue adoption. Instances where a parent may be able to pursue adoption include issues of:

      • Abandonment

      • Excessive Parental Absence (such as Long-Term Jail Time)

      • Physical Abuse

      • Sexual Abuse

      • Neglect

      • Mental Illness

      • Alcohol or Drug Addiction

The termination of someone’s parental rights, particularly when contested, can be very difficult to accomplish, and requires the support of a lawyer with extensive experience and strong trial ability. Judith A. Morse, has been litigating on behalf of clients since 1986, and has built a peer-recognized reputation for excellent client service and strong courtroom ability.

Step-Parent Adoptions and Uncontested Adoptions

Whether you have a clear or uncertain path to adoption, our office can represent your interests and work to help you build your family.

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