Working with clients to settle support issues.

Many parents understand the need to provide financial support for their children, and do so graciously and generously. The State of Arizona has adopted the Arizona Child Support Guidelines which outline the method for calculating and determining each parent’s obligation for child support. Sometimes issues arise in the calculation of child support that can bring child support responsibilities into question, and when that happens it can help to have an experienced family law attorney on your side. At Morse Law Group, we have been representing clients in negotiation, collaboration and litigation since 1986, and we have built a firm focused on providing quality client service, legal advice and representation.

Working with parents on child support issues.

Judith A. Morse, represents clients in family law, divorce and child support matters. While there is a relatively clear formula that defines child support obligations for the majority of parents, there are situations that can arise where it is possible or necessary to deviate from those guidelines.

Among the benefits of these approaches to divorce is the latitude they give participants. In mediated or collaborative divorces, clients can come to their own terms regarding child support, custody, spousal maintenance and other issues.

The calculations that define the Arizona Child Support Guidelines are only useful if they are based on correct numbers. Particularly in areas of self-employment, it may be more difficult to precisely define income for parties, and in these kinds of disputes it may be important to have an experienced attorney.

If you suspect the other parent is hiding money, this not only can become an issue in matters of property division but also in determining child support. Having an attorney with access to forensic accountants can help you make sure that proper amount of child support is being calculated.

Like any divorce, mediation still requires you to address issues such as property division, spousal maintenance, child support and custody, but instead of having the state or a judge make the decisions, you are in charge.

Over Three Decades of Legal Experience

Morse Law Group has been representing clients for more than three decades, and we can put that extensive experience to work for you. If you find yourself having to deviate from support guidelines, Morse Law Group has the ability to build your case and the experience to make that case in court.

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