Morse Law Group provides options for you.

After three decades of law practice, our founding attorney, Judith A. Morse, has built a sizeable résumé and reputation, but more importantly, her experience has given her an ability to innately understand the kinds of approaches that work in particular cases. Legal practice is not just theory in our office; it is an individualized approach to each client’s situation based on more than three decades of concrete experience.

While we focus on a collaborative approach to family law, backed by countless examples of how the collaborative approach has provided clients with far better results, we also offer extensive trial experience when negotiation is no longer an option. By being thorough in our preparation and providing an array of options to clients with opinions on each option based on concrete examples, we strive to provide effective representation.

30 years of legal experience.

Our founding attorney has been practicing law in and out of the courtroom since 1986. In the first 10 years of practice, Judith A. Morse worked as a commercial litigator, developing a vast skill set and extensive trial experience in complicated cases, and she uses her extensive experience to advocate for her family law clients.

qualities you can expect from the morse law group:

  • remarkable ability to negotiate through complicated and contentious issues
  • remarkable trial and litigation experience
  • thorough preparation
  • high adaptability
  • providing clients with attentive and informative communication
  • ability to back up advice with concrete examples
  • benefits of three decades of legal experience
  • constant focus on providing clients with the best possible outcome

A law firm that is agile.

At Morse Law Group we work closely with family law clients to create sustainable solutions. Our focus on non-adversarial resolution, such as collaborative divorce or mediation, gives us opportunities to assist clients and resolve their family law disputes without going to court. Our extensive trial experience allows us to be prepared for litigation when collaboration is not an option.

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